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Applications Of Integrated Piezoelectric Actuator

By mechanically integrating piezoelectric actuators with certain system, it is possible to create many different applications. Often in case of dynamic applications, pull forces on piezoelectric elements need to be avoided by using a mechanical preload. Otherwise, inertia will be produced due to moving application. In mechanical cases this preload can be done with the help of flexible joints.

With this, it will be possible to either deflect or guide the direction of motion or it can help in increasing the range of travel through lever amplification. For any kind of simple positioning activities, preloaded integrated piezoelectric actuators can offer an integration between the piezoelectric positioning system and the pure piezoelectric element.

Some of the applications of Integrated Piezo Actuators with lever amplified actuators can be used in pumps, valves, active vibration isolation, micro and nanolitre dosing, biotechnology, sample handling, medical technology, adaptive system technology, mechatronics, metrology and laser technology etc. For More Information About the Best Integrated Piezo Actuators, Please Check reading