Effects of Weed on the Growth of Plant

Soil which is infertile can make your plants more susceptible to infestation of weed. While some weeds are not harsh to your plants but others may distinctly cause huge destruction to the growth of plants.

Weeds can take over your garden area, and even some weeds are dangerous to pets and livestock if eaten.

A weed eater can help you to get rid of unwanted weed from the garden.

Definition of a weed

Weeds are kind of plants which have no redeeming value to food, medicine or nutrition as far as concerned.

Weeds are harmful and poisonous if eaten and have thorns with various other physical features which makes them quite difficult to remove.

Compete for nutrients

Weeds often compete with other growing plants and consume sunlight, water, and nutrients by leaving the non-weed plants starving.

The loss of nutrients makes the plants weak and prone to disease and infestation. This makes the plants cause abnormal flower, color, and fruit growth.

Compete for space

Weed plants are successful in competing with other plants for space if you don’t keep an eye.

The weeds can take over the areas that are outside of its natural habitat.

Parasitic plants

Some plants are not considered as a weed but can attach themselves with other plants and sap their nutrients.

It weakens the host plant and eventually succumbs it.